Legs Electric

Legs Electric summon the spirits of the golden era of heavy rock –'70s blues-based riffs, full-power vocal attacks and live shows worthy of Sunset Strip. In just a few years, the Legs Electric ladies have chiselled their name in stone as one of the most electrifying, must-see bands in their home city of Perth, Australia since 2014. The personnel of Legs Electric is the perfect storm. Each song is a wall of guitar, from bone-crunching rhythms to slick, powerful leads. All credit to accomplished guitarist, Elana Haynes. Behind her is the unshakable rhythm section of drumming prodigy Kylie Soanes and thundering bassist, Erin Gooden. Last, but not least, there is lead vocalist, Ama Quinsee. The soul of Legs Electric's sound, Quinsee's voice is raw power tamed into snarling melodic hooks that span from smoky, sultry lows, to a full-velocity howl that can bring the house down.

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